Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Trash and Recycling Day in South Austin

So, it is trash and recycling day. The day that begins with everyone wondering which of the neighbors' garbage and recycling receptacles I'll hit as I back outta the driveway. This can be quite a spectacle.



Anonymous said...

Susan: (I assume you are a Susan)

Wow. Often at the end of the day I go to technorati.com, punch in a few non-obvious search terms, and see what pops. Today in the WSJ there was a half-informed review of a book on Midway, which must have lodged in my medium-term memory (I know a bit about the history of the era).

So when I went to technorati I typed in "Savo Island" for no reason I can identify.

I will not comment on your father's diary directly here, but a few comments about the battle. The battle was, from our point-of-view a royal screw-up. The radars were off intentionally; the Japanese could have used them as homing beacons and the islands masked the ship echos. The Japanes cruisers that did the damage passed less than 500 yards behind one of the U.S. picket destroyers- the USS Blue. The Japanese could hear people talking. If the Blue' lookouts had seen the Japanese ships and the Blue had either gone to general quarters or send a radio message the ship would have been sunk in two minutes and most of the crew would have been dead. Did the lookout who should have been searching aft fall down on the job or just panic? No one will ever know, because the Blue was sunk with all 300 crewmembers a few days later; it was the largest "all hands" loss the U.S. suffered during the war. We didn't find out what happened until we got a look at Japanese records after the war. But enough of that...

Defenestrate in Prague has another, more recent use. In 1948, during the Soviet takeover, one of the senior government officials, Benes I think, went out a window. But that opens wounds, so they tell the tourists only about the 30 Year's War. But they all can point out the window.

The Gilgamesh is worth a read; going from Babylon to the hills of Lebanon to cut and transport huge cedars for a temple.

Dr. Strangelove? Ever notice that all the targets are from Gulliver's travels? Carmina B and 9 Inch... quite a combo.

And, oddly enough, I live in Austin. if you want more info. that might help you better understand the diaries, I'm at "mail" at my full name .com.

David B. Miller

Anonymous said...

Message two from anon.

On re-reading my post:

No spellcheck; no grammar check. Agreements that don't agree. Bad cop; no donut.