Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

Didn't feel like a costume today. Jesse, our admin. assistant does a real mean "Pedro" (from Napoleon Dynamite) though. I put up a "Vote for Pedro" sign on the office door.

The office got me a birthday cake -- and now it really needs to go into the freezer until S. is home.

It's almost 8:30 -- about a half hour since the last trick or treaters, so perhaps they are done. (except for the 19 year olds who don't even bother with the costumes -- yeah, as if I'm going to give you candy! -- so I think I'll turn out the lights and curl up in a back room with a book.)

S. got me a "mighty mouse" for a present, since we didn't get my scroll mouse back from the burglary. (Sgt. Tate did try to give me an iPod, when I went to the station to pick up our stuff, but it wasn't mine.) Still trying to figure out the mouse -- it has a teeny tiny scroll ball, and it's supposed to go up and down and side to side. It goes up and down, but when I try "side to side", it goes BACK a page! Not good!

I did post on Navy Diary blog some tonight. The next entry will be the sinking of the Astoria at the Battle of Savo Island, so that should be on the exciting side.

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gl. said...

is your birthday on halloween, susan? happy birthday! my partner's birthday is tomorrow, so we're staying up till midnight to usher it in.