Friday, January 19, 2007

Icepocalypse 2007, Austin Texas

I think this was taken by someone I work with. And if not, it still looks exactly like our yard earlier this week.

The city of Austin was pretty much closed down for two days -- so I was looking forward to watching "The Peoples' Court" with Judge Marilyn Milian, but NOOOOO! KXAN had to preempt it both days with their stupid weather report. Those meteorologists have been insufferable since they got their NEXRAD and Doppler systems -- "Oh, look, it's raining on 12th street, and it is heading toward your neighborhood and will be there in 15-20 minutes."

I don't mind being warned about possible weather danger, but do they really need to take an entire hour at 4 p.m.?


gl. said...

whereas this is portland earlier this week (not far from where i used to live):

susanbrown said...

gl -- I saw a few seconds of that on the news (the first car that kept going and going and going) and I wondered if y'all were having a bad time of it.

It looks like a new sport -- autohockey or something!