Sunday, December 03, 2006

My New Blog is Ready?

But I need to sign in with my Google account? Do I even have a Google account? I probably do, but what was the password? And if I can't remember, did I write it in my big book o' secret password codes? And if I did write it in the big book o' secret password codes, can I remember the secret code for that password?


On the other hand, drag and drop elements sound tempting.

Has anyone tried the new Blogger?

And it's almost time for y'all to start thinking about your New Year's Revolutions. One of mine will be to post all those postcards that have been piling up all semester. Brother-in-law & Sister-in-law just sent a nice one from the Gran Pantanal, Brazil.


Elze said...

I tried to switch to the Beta blogging interface. I failed. First time I tried it while using Firefox, and apparently it does not support Firefox, because instead of displaying a critical part of the interface that would let me proceed to the next step, it displayed a blank box. Then I tried to do the same in Internet Explorer. It showed me the part of the interface I need to fill out and click in order to get to the next step. Shame on Google for not writing standards-compliant code so that Firefox users could use it!

Even then, I was unable to proceed to the end even in IE. I no longer remember why, or what error I got. I only know I concluded I can live with the old Blogger interface: since the switching process itself is so buggy, I hated to think how buggy must be the new interface!

Elze said...

By the way, as a newbie Blogger user, I wanted to ask for your help. I have a stupidest imaginable question. When I go to the page where I create a new post, I don't see a field where I could type in the header for the post. I can only type in the header as part of the body text. This sucks, because then the header does not appear correctly in the blog summary (i.e. "Previous Posts"). Have you ever had this problem? How do you create headers for your posts? I see that the headers of your posts appear correctly in your blog summary, so you must be able to do this.

Elze said...

I'm sorry for spamming your blog today. I found the answer to the question I asked in the previous comment. I only needed to RTFM. :-) I am still strongly surprised that post titles are turned OFF by default, and you need to explicitly turn them on! I could nto believe it was as simple as that. In the past, trying to find a solution to this "problem" I even studied Blogger CSS stylesheets, compared them to those other people use (by viewing the HTML source of their posts) and tried to hand-format my HTML by putting in appropriate class attributes in my HTML tags!

Anyway, I promise to RTFM before I ask other people stupid questions. And that will be my revolutionary resolution for the New Year . :-)