Monday, April 10, 2006

The Korean Egg Council . . .

has done its job. While S. mowed the lawn and planted some plants yesterday, i made a fritatta with:

teeny new potatoes
fresh rosemary
teeny grape tomatoes
freshly grated parmesan cheese
pinch of salt
freshly ground pepper
olive oil

we also had Rosie's Salsa Verde, (which didn't seem to overpower the rosemary -- I was afraid of that) warm rolls and fresh pineapple. the fritatta came out great, except for the part of one little side that got too much of the broiler -- this was the first time I've used the broiler. so, 3/4 of the fritatta was perfect.

i hadn't thought about eating eggs in years, but after a week of the "i love egg" song going through my head, i couldn't stop thinking about them.

"Eggs! Get your eggs, here!
Fresh and white eggs are here!

Wiggle jiggle, yellow middle,
That's the best of what you are (I love you egg)
White and tender, surround the center
Cozy, sitting in the crackling shell.

Vitamins and minerals in you,
Oodles of the proteins, too (oodle doodle!).
Popular and perfect and,
so complete in every way (I love you egg, egg!)

Come into my tummy, oh so very yummy!
Crack crack crack - chip a chip away your shell
and come to me - get your eggs!

I love you (fresh eggs!)
I love you (white eggs!)
Really really love you so (egg egg egg egg!)
Eggs, I really love you like the sky above (eggs are the best!).

I love you (fresh eggs!)
I love you (white eggs!)
Really really love you so (egg egg egg egg!)
Three hundred and sixty five days,
I really love you so!
I really love you so!"

Please! MAKE IT STOP!!!!

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